Google Fiber is tackling some of the most significant challenges of net neutrality by offering a more accessible, transparent, and unrestrictive internet service. No other internet service provider is building new infrastructure to make internet better - it takes a lot of hard work. And since the construction impacts local communities, Google Fiber started an artist initiative to give back to the new “fiberhoods” across America. 

In Raleigh, North Carolina, Google Fiber wanted to take one of these initiatives a step further. And we were asked to help envision the project and make it real. We helped build an augmented reality (AR) experience for a mural painted on a 35’x50’ wall by local Raleigh Artist, Taylor White. The project stands today as one of the largest-scale AR experiences to date.


Agency / Studio
Nelson Cash

Service Provided
Technical Art Direction / 3D Assets planning and production

// 2018

// Screen  Shots

// Video Summary

//Behind the Scene

Isolated layer shot

Procedural geometry creation in Houdini
Assembly in Unity 3D