First-person experience of the effect of Rheumatoid Arthritis. This interactive VR experience provide the participants with an overview of the disease and its effects on the bone of the hand throughout its degenerative stages. An hand-on interactive experience further enables the participants to build empathy with people suffering from the disease as you get to literally wear skeletons hands that deteriorate in front of you as you slowly squeeze the triggers.  
​Created for the HTC Vive and Oculus Touch headsets using Unreal Engine 4. 



Roland Gauthier
Michael Kuehn
Alex Tysowsky


Executive Producer
Roland Gauthier​

Sales + Strategy
Amy Hassler 

Art Director
Dimitri Reuse
Tyler Kenworthy

VFX Supervisor 
Michael Kuehn​

VR/AR  Lead 
Dimitri Reuse

3D Modeller 
Aaron Sturgeon    

VR / Animation Director
Alex Tysowsky

Production Manager
Tiffany N. Purkeypile

Keith Sizemore

Additional Assets
Epic Games

// 2017

// Screen  Shots

// In-game VR Footage


Wireframe / Lighting Pass / Animation Blend Shape